Q. Why does it ask me to insert my vice city cd?

A. Try running the game from gta-vc.exe. If you do this, you will have to manually implement the radio stations. You will find our stations in the AUDIOLC folder. To play them ingame without the launcher, you have to rename them to the Vice City names, LIPS.adf to VROCK.adf and so on, drop them in the regular AUDIO folder and use an illegal cracked copy of the exe to force the game to read radio stations from the hard drive.

Q. Why do I receive an exception handle error when I start the game?

A. We don't know the exact cause of the problem and can't replicate it. It seems to happen only to a portion of people. There has been no one fix-all solution. Some restart the game a few times and it runs, others have reinstalled Vice and it works.

Some people get this when using the new 'Hellfish present' movies. The easisest thing to try, which some claims works and others deny, is to replace the movie files (located in the folder titled Movies in the root directory of Vice City) with the originals from Vice City.

Q. Where are the missions? There are zombies walking around but im just doing normal missions.

A. You only finished the first step. There's a step two involved, where you must manually drop a folder in to change everything else. Check the readme file.Then you'll be in business.

Q. Why does my game crash after the first mission when I talk to the Swat?

A. A patch is already out that corrects this here. Drop that into your DATA folder to replace the other main.scm.

Q. I finished the last mission in long night "Sun Up" but why does it crash?

A. Long Night is designed to crash out at the test pattern screen of Sun Up. If you download the exception handler you'll see it's even called The End.

Q. I cheated, threw a molotov cocktail, and a fire truck appeared! Is this bug supposed to happen?

A. You shouldn't have any fire-related weapons inside the studio. You get molotovs in a dream and the other fire-related missions do not have the trucks. Vice City is hardcoded to send fire engines. We work around Rockstar's will, but cheatcode-related incidents are not true glitches or bugs.

Q. I'm now the stoner and there's nothing left. What now?

A. That's just one possible ending. In the mission COld Turkey, make sure you release Crazy Mike form his cell on the bottom floor before you leave the police station, otherwise you will have to replay through the game to unlock them.

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