Jack - Defamation of Character: A JTMS

Here's where you will find links to Jack Thompson's real life exploits, as well as a small lexicon of common Jack terminology.



Bully - A title being developed by Rockstar Vancouver, Thompson has already nonetheless issued multiple press releases demanding that the game not be released, "or else," though he never seems to feel the need to go into what exactly this generic "or else" is. Of particular concern to Jack is the game's setting: a preparatory academy, or a high school for rich kids. This game will lead to gang warfare and Columbine style school shootings leaving, "no child left alive." In one of these releases Jack address the President of the US, and mentions sending him an angry letter, again, demanding that actions be taken to stop this game's release, and subsequent erosion of all civilized society, all because a digital representation of rich high school kids getting into a scuffle. First he charges, "If the video game industry is allowed, unchecked, to continue to raise our children, then at this pace pretty soon “No Child Left Behind” will morph into “No Child Left Alive.” Immediately following this charge that parents aren't doing their jobs, letting video games raise our children, he discredits Bush for making the exact same disingenious and trite argument, "President Bush’s oft-repeated mantra that the answer to the entertainment industry’s assault upon our children is that “parents need to be better parents” is an insufficient firewall against the above outrage coming to a school near you." What a douche.

Death Threat -

An AIM icon that depicted a cartoon saying "Violent games need to be banned" with Jack Thompson's name under it, constituted a death threat since the animation ends with someone offscreen throwing a controller at the side of his head and calling him a douchebag. Jack contacted the FBI and NYPD, portraying himself as an individual under heavy harassment because of his strong stance against cop killers and cop killing games, urging them to launch an investigation and make arrests. I believe Jack contacted the NYPD twice urging a full investigation and multiple arrests, assuring them that he can testify in court for them.

Idle Threat - Any threatening statement directed towards the video game industry made by Jack Thompson.

Killer7 -

A not so innocent title for the Nintendo Gamecube and PS2 which features prominently acts of violence. Thompson read a review conducted on IGN.com, and without corraborating or looking into the claims made therein, issued a press release decrying Killer7's graphic sexual content. Based off of a single game review, Thompson argued that everyone simply must have been too engrossed in the Hot Coffee fiasco, and therefore simply missed the blatant sexual conduct in Killer7, thereby allowing it to scoot by without an AO rating. He claimed that "others will use this latest scandal, which I am hereby officially kicking off, to call for" the dismantlement of the ESRB, unless all copies of Killer7 were pulled from shelves, even accusing the ESRB of criminal conspiracy to distribute illicit material to minors. For the record, no one else has called for the ESRB's dismantlement because of Thompson's "scandal." What is particularly funny about this case, is the reviewer says at one point that the game is rated M for 17+, and that the the game's rating "actually matters for once." Thompson quotes this as, "The reviewer above in fact says that this game’s “M” actually means something, and he says it twice for emphasis." Jack's incredible ability to miss the point again rears its head, shielding him from the reality of the situation that the very source of his evidence for the game's re-rating, heartily endorses the game's current rating. Twice.

Also, am I the only one who finds it amusing that a "video game expert" runs out and issues a national press release over a review of a game he's never heard of?

Manchurian Candidate - A film involving brainwashed soldiers who become tools of political assasination. Jack often uses the term in reference to the Manchurain Candidate's being trained by video game's today. While the title of the original Frank Sinatra film does not even refer to the sniper, the remake does indeed place the sniper as the very same candidate being promoted through assasination. Jack chooses to make this reference based off of ten seconds of footage in the film where an entire army platoon is being brainwashed in front of a screen showing FPS footage of a "video game" battle. Jack then makes the perfectly logical conclusion that the video game is turning them into Manchurain Candidates, and not the dozen inch thick wires and tubes sucking and pumping different chemicals directly into their brains.

Murder Simulators - Violent video games designed specifically to lower the inhibition to kill, and remove the distinctions between right and wrong. By repeatedly commiting simulated muder, the mind is capable of relaxing its discretions, desensitizing the individual to human death. By the time the simulation becomes real, the individual no longer has conscious control of their own actions, instead acting out a video game script stored away in the deepest regions of their minds.

Sims 2 -

An inoccent title published by EA, Jack Thompson issued a press release claiming initially that the game contained a cheat code which could be found online to remove the blur surrounding the exposed genital regions of the Sims. The release further claimed that underneath this blur waited accurately sculpted, detailed models of genitals on both sexes of all ages, allowing for "virtual pedophiles" to rehearse their acts in their own home. Later Thompson realized this claim was a little much, even for him, and amended the argument to say that EA was both working with and actively encouraging the development of third party modifications which allowed for the scenario which he first described, offering the rationale that even Barbie style lack of detailing was too much, and the blurs existence in the first place demonstrates that EA knew this.

"Electronic Arts is collaborating with the Porn Industry to enable a modding of the game in violation of Copyright laws, and Electronic Arts wants that to happen and the Creator Will Wright has said he wants it to happen." Jack Thompson - Chatterbox Interview



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